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Fast Camping Gear Doorstep Delivery and Pickup near Seattle

We understand your time is valuable and your schedule can be variable. That is why we offer 24-hour delivery. Want an overnight trip on Saturday? Give us a call on Friday! 
After your trip, we will pick up the used gear from your doorstep. Just put the gear back into the box they came in and we take care of the rest. No need for an extra trip to the postal office! Saving your time is our main value! Camping gear delivery and pickup are free if you live in the Greater Seattle area.

Package Delivered

Camping Gear Rental near Seattle

No matter if it is a couple's weekend getaway or a whole family's overnight adventure, we provide camping gear rental services near the Seattle area. You choose the time and location (don't know where to go yet?), and we take care of the rest. Check our store for more information.

Along with durable and easy-to-use gear, we provide detailed instructions for setting up different gear so that you or your kids can enjoy your adventure without concerns. Don't know how to make a food plan for your first outdoor adventure? We will make one for you based on your dietary restrictions!

What are you waiting for? Don't miss out on the famed beauty near Seattle!

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Our Story

Camping gear rental in Seattle

Cat Sherbourne

Hey, my name is Cat. I have 20 years of camping and outdoor adventure experience. During many of my adventures, including my 2,193-mile and 6-month Appalachian Trail hike (trail name: bad bunny) in 2020, I encountered so many busy parents who regretted that they were unable to take their kids outdoors due to lack of time to prepare and lack of outdoor experience. That is what drove my passion to create this service so that busy professionals have a chance to experience the healing magic of nature and so more kids can have a chance to have wonderful outdoor time with their loving parents. We understand there are many busy professionals around Seattle. We would like to provide the camping gear rental services in the Seattle area to make your stay in this wonderful place more enjoyable!

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Resources and Safety Tips

Where to go for camping around Seattle?

What if I encounter a bear when camping near Seattle?

"Lazy Camper differentiates from other camping gear rental services because of its affordability and convenience. Many competitors rent high-end gear specialized for longer camping or backpacking trips, whereas Lazy Camper provides gear for family oriented adventures, which helps them keep costs down."
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